Top 30 albums for 2013

The greatest albums of 2013 according to the editors of

25/12/2013 @ 13:00
It's that time of year again...'s editors picked up their favorite albums for 2013 and here we present the ones that made it to the Top 30.

As always, a lot of different genres are represented, from alternative rock to extreme metal. Listed below are the greatest albums of 2013 according to the editors of our site. Enjoy.

Progressive metal of the first division by these Englishmen, who offer their best album so far.
Audrey Horne offer another excellent album with "Youngblood" leading them to a more classic, organic rock sound.
An experimental post-hardcore and screamo whirlpool that will suck you in without a doubt. Its progressive elements will take you on wonderful journeys, whereas its ferocious black metal and grindcore outbursts will shake you to the core.
Vampire Weekend's third and most mature release is developed extremely thoroughly and is - as a whole - a greatly rewarding release.
The Portnoy, Sheehan, Kotzen trio manages to impress with their first collaboration.
This is the most sensational moment in Touche Amore's career.
Federal Charm's blues rock is more funky and more modern than Answer's and Rival Sons', but also more interesting, active and raw than Joe Bonamassa's and the others like him.
No more female fronted mediocracy. Subrosa kick ass...
History repeats itself. Gorguts create and death metal waddles...
"Sunbather" is not a black metal album. Not clearly at least. Hell, it's an extreme post rock album, with all the meaning of the tag that I just invented...
With a positive overall feeling, Arctic Monkeys are more commercial than ever and offer us some catchy tunes and a fresh album.
Progressive, obscure, extreme, fascinating, non-commercial, hard to define, but most of all original, the new album of Altar Of Plagues leads us through its experimentation to a point that only a few try to reach.
A frozen surface that's drowning by storms. Sigur Ros have been reborn.
The way Enforcer mix their influences makes them able to claim that they're creating their own sound and in addition to the passion and the freshness that they have, they can be considered a successful band.
A masterpiece of modern classical music, in which the "wolves" are taking the most out of their biggest asset, the silence.
An album full of small and big musical moments that make the listener hold on to them and through them find pieces of his own emotional world.
Nothing less than "Alive and Kicking" as Simple Minds used to tell. One of the most important comebacks in the history of music.
The best Blood Ceremony album. Till the next one...
Coal could turn into diamond and Leprous have both the know how and the style to do it.
Sometimes, you gotta believe the hype...
By doing once again what they like, Foals managed to create yet another addictive album with amazing quality.
"...Like Clockwork" is an incredibly addictive album, layered enough to unveil itself as time passes.
As if winning a Grammy meant nothing, Arcade fire build yet another admirable and ambitious piece of work with soul, rhythm and perfect proportioning between familiar, new and unexpected.
"Filthy Empire" includes all the ingredients needed to win every fan of the sound and build strong foundations for the future success of Heaven's Basement.
Alter Bridge give you the chance to witness something great at its time.
On their fifth album, Riverside redefine their sound and defy any sense of remaining still, as Duda turns out to be one of the top composers in the prog scene.
We recognize and respect your drugs, your music and your everything and we thank you for that, but you can't take away our right to declare Clutch as our own Reverends.
Since Wilson decided to go full on prog no one can catch him, as he presents an album that will be remembered for years.