Indian interview (Will Lindsay)

"Τhe end result (new album) blew us all away. It's definitely more than we expected"

29/01/2014 @ 13:03
After the release of the amazing new album of Indian, "From All Purity", we had a conversation with Will Lindsay and we talk aboutthe album, the sound, doom metal, the Wolves In The Throne Room, the people, hatred and future.

IndianHello there, where are you, right now?
Hi. I’m in my kitchen here in  Chicago.

How life's in Chigaco?
Life is good. Pretty cold right now but good.

This is the first time you gave us an interview. So, I need you to tell me how and why you decided to call the band Indian...
The band was named after a racing horse.

How are things going on with Relapse?
Relapse has been great to work with. Definitely the best label for us.

I’d like you to tell me a few things about the time between "Guiltless"  and "From All Purity".
We did a little bit of touring, we took some time off, we did some writing, we kicked someone out of the band and we did our own things separate from the band.

Could you describe your sound in a few words?
I just say we’re a metal band. I don’t know about all the different sub-genres people use now and I don’t really care.

Indian - From All PurityWhat label / music genre, is the band happy being labeled as?
Like I said, we’re a metal band. I don’t know what post or blackened or any of that other stuff actually means.

What are you trying to express with this kind of extreme vocals?
It’s hard to simplify it that much. It’s part of the sound. And it sounds better than Dylan and I trying to sing melodically.

What are your lyrics talk about? Do you really hate us all?
Dylan writes most of the lyrics so I can’t really say. I don’t hate you.

Do you have any political views?
I do. I also do not want the band to be a vehicle for politics.

What is "From All Purity" for you?
It’s from a lyric that Dylan wrote. I don’t want to come across as disingenuous, but I’d rather that that kind of thing were left to personal interpretation.

I think the new album is one of the best ever made from this band. How was your composition process?
It was a very hard process this time around. We actually went to the studio unhappy with the material. The end result blew us all away. It’s definitely more than we expected.

This album is disturbingly heavy. How you feeling about the production / final sound?
I think it came out great. Our relationship with Sanford coupled with his knowledge and experience really did the material justice.

IndianAs a doom band, does the genre inspire you anymore? Where does inspiration come from?
There are bands in the doom genre that are still inspiring to me, for sure. The inspiration from Indian comes from many different sources. And certainly not just music. Books, experiences and the like.

When recording / writing "From All Purity" was there a unifying idea behind it?

Who composed the experimental/noise track "Clarify". What is this composition about?
Clarify was something I wanted to do since we recorded Guiltless. Clarify is a song about taking a prurient interest in humiliation. It has a second meaning independent of the first and that is about a person I used to be friends with.

What styles of music do the band listen to? Do you all have similar tastes?
We listen to a lot of different music. The one genre we usually all agree on is older country music, though.

What are the ways that you listen to music?
I listen to music on vinyl at home. It really depends on what and when I’m listening. It will be on while I’m cooking or cleaning or whatever. It may be something I listen to intently. It really depends.

Is Middian active?
No. Not since 2008. We never will be again.

IndianIs there any chance to see you again with Wolves in the Throne Room?
I won’t say that there isn’t any chance at all, but I would say that I’m 99.99999 percent sure that it will never happen again.

According to your opinion, which is the best band around?
I don’t know that I could pick just one. As far as bands currently going, my favorites include The Devil Makes Three, Primitive Man, Whitey Morgan, Sewer Goddess, Genocide Organ, Culted, Rectal Hygienics...

What guitars are some of your favorites?
I play Monson Guitars and they are my favorites.

You are already confirmed for Roadburn. Is this your first time on Roadburn Festival? What are your expectations?
I’ve been there a few times with other bands. I’m looking forward to it. There isn’t a better festival in the world.

Are you planning a full European Tour?
We are. It will have been announced by the time this is printed. No Greece this time, unfortunately.

Do you believe in God?

IndianWhat do you enjoy doing when you have spare time?
I read a lot. I work on different music stuff, primarily with synthesizers. I drink. I hang out with friends. When it’s not winter, I ride my motorcycle.

What is your favorite drink?
I like bourbon. And peppermint tea. Not together, though.

What’s in the future for Indian?
The plan is to do some touring and write another record. We shall see what happens.

Thanks a lot.
Thank you.

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