Orchid interview (Mark Thomas Baker)

"I think Theo just can't stop writing and trying to get the demons out of his head"

12/06/2013 @ 12:33
Orchid have gained my love and respect since the release of "Through The Devil's Doorway" and they have definitely reached the point of asking them things beyond their Black Sabbath's aesthetic. May the following conversation with Mark Thomas Baker be my proof of that, so help me God.

OrchidGood evening dear sir. It seems to me that you have many more songs you haven't shared with us yet. You have been playing live some of the new ones for quite some time, isn't it that right?
Yeah, I guess so. We’ve been playing Mouths of Madness since our very first tour I think. As of right now though, everything that has been written and rehearsed has been released. There are bits and pieces and unfinished ideas of course, but those will end up on the next album.

Your first EP, "Through the Devil's Doorway" has some of the best tunes you have ever composed so far. Do you still support it in your gigs?
Pretty strongly really. On this tour we just finished, we played 3 out of the 4 songs almost every night.

Orchid"Capricorn", your first full length album, is already a classical one. Did you have any worries of not overcoming it?
Of course! But in the end, you just have to do your best and see what happens. That’s all you can do. Theo has a very high level of quality control in his head when it comes to our material. Even our worst songs are still pretty good.

A naive question if I may: Where does that groove comes from?
Is there only one groove? I’m not sure which one you mean…haha. I guess it really comes from Theo and his idea of what rock should sound like.

OrchidMore riffs, more solos and yet more air to breathe for the rest of the instruments on your new album. How relaxed you were (or not) during the recordings?
There were many sessions. Some were very relaxed and fun, others were very fucking stressful. It’s all on there and I can hear all of it when I listen.

The piano solo at the end of "Mountains of Steel" is the absolute highlight of the record. Was it too risky for you?
I thought so when I first heard it, but then I got used to it. It’s always weird for me when I hear things that fall outside of what we rehearsed.

"Mother" and "Father" are often heard on your new album. Does any of it have to do with your family background?
Theo seems to like using those figures in his songs. I’m sure sometimes it is indeed personal.

OrchidAnd what about women? You mention them since your beginning...
They make the rocking world go round.

The female ones on the cover, what are they afraid of?
Spiders and snakes probably...

Who are these Dogs of War after all?
Brainwashed soldiers who kill other humans with no conscience.

A few months ago, we had an article about the possible substitutes for Bill Ward and....we missed them all! Carter Kennedy was one of them but he didn't make it. Who would be your choice?
No idea, maybe Paul Sutherland from the London band Serpent Venom. That dude is awesome. That’s very flattering that you guys thought of Carter.

OrchidMr. Mindell is a singer, a songwriter and a tattoo artist. Which side of him do you think  represents him the most?
His songwriting is where his deepest expression of his soul is, in my opinion.

I have the impression that your line up is meant to last forever. What's the relationship between the members besides rehearsing, recording and performing live?
We’re all good friends. I’ve been close with Theo since the late 80’s, so we have a bond that is pretty deep.

What is your motivation of composing songs that often? Ain't there any time for rest?
It doesn’t seem that way to me really. I think Theo just can’t stop writing and trying to get the demons out of his head.

OrchidYou’re going on tour with a fabulous bunch of bands. Sadly Witchcraft can’t make it, but still you have Troubled Horse instead and Free Fall. What do you think about all these Swedish bands and the scene that’s been blooming lately?
Both those bands are fantastic, very different from each other, but really great. I really enjoyed touring with the Swedes. They were all super cool, easy going, respectful people. I made some friends for life with some of those guys.

I really thank you for your time dear sir, hoping to see you sooner than the other side.

Yiorgos Zarkadoulas