The Satanist

Nuclear Blast (2014)
Από τον Αντώνη Κονδύλη, 10/02/2014
Πώς βαθμολογείτε το δίσκο;
Behemoth have been one of the significant and popular extreme metal bands for the last 20 years. The relatively recent health adventure of Nergal, mastermind of the band, was emotional for all of us and as soon as it passed, the anticipation for the record return of the band was huge after the excellent "Evangelion" of 2009. The tenth album of the Polish institution features the title "The Satanist" and is one of the most anticipated albums of 2014 for the extreme music.

Probably because of the long period of wait, the first impression suggests that something is missing, but this is not so. The decisive start can convince anyone about the quality of the album. Behemoth are back and they are not kidding.

The album as a whole exudes a Behemoth atmosphere and walks the path and aesthetics that they themselves have marked in the past. Compared to the recent past the sound of "The Satanist" varies. It leans more to black metal and besides many atmospheric moments are observed. What you notice first is the overflowing Nergal’s passion, like trying to externalize that what he lost all those last years transformed into inspiration and creation and to prove to everyone that he is finally back to stay with us.

Compared to "Evangellion", the arrangement is now more vivid and packed. Even though some of the raw extremity of previous albums is missing, it is replaced by some more atmospheric moments. Generally, musical variations are observed which range from devastating blast beats to medium paced peaks. There are parts that retain the death metal that Poles have been accustomed to, while several others look more towards the black metal spectrum, maintaining throughout the character and personality of the band. There are passages,  in which the music of Behemoth flattens with its impetuosity and the flame, while the slower parts  hold the listener tie.

"The Satanist" is an album full of energy which comes out at every second of its listening. There is the feeling that all this time of his absence an unspecified power protected Nergal, while simultaneously did not affect his creativity, inspiring him for the future.

Finally, it should be stressed that is great and matchless to feel that a man who suffered a serious health adventure and somehow reached a point just before the end, returns strong enough and provides through his music a part of his souls once again. "The Satanist" is a great record of dark and extreme metal. Behemoth are back with us again.