Blackberry Smoke interview with Charlie Starr

"I hope that we can carry on the tradition of southern rock giants like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allman Brothers"

23/06/2014 @ 16:31
Blackberry Smoke are considered to be among the best new bands in southern rock, since at least the release of their third studio album,"The Whippoorwill", almost two years ago. The re-release of the record through Earache Records earlier this year was the first major step towards the recognition in Europe, while the brand new double CD & DVD "Leave A Scar - Live in North Carolina" proves how damn good the band is on stage. So on that occasion, we spoke via e-mail with the singer, guitarist and main composer, Charlie Starr, about the story of Blackberry Smoke until now, as well as theirs plans for the future.