Necrowretch interview: "I hope that Necrowretch will play something even more aggressive than that we do now"

22/01/2013 @ 12:02
Necrowretch is a young and promising band from France. They release their first full length album, "Putrid Death Sorcery", and we had the chance to talk to Vlad, the mainman of the band. Very friendly, he did not hesitate to express his passion to old school death metal and his devotion to some legendary bands of that period. Below you can see all the details of our conversation.

Hallo, how are you doing?
I am ok even though it is a bit cold in France.

Necrowretch is a young band. Would you like to tell us some things about your story so far?
I started the band in 2008 and we intended to play like Death at "Scream Bloody Gore". Later i was joined by Blastphemator on drums and we did the demo "Rising From Purulence" in 2009. Then we were joined by Amphycion on bass guitar. We released our second demo "Necrollections" in 2010 and we started playing some lives in France and in Denmark. Later, we recorded and released an EP "Putrefactive Infestation" in 2011. That open the gates of the underground since a lot of people knew us after that EP. Our first drummer left the band and we found two drummers, one drummer for the live shows and one drummer for the studio. With that line up we released another EP "Now You Are In Hell" in 2012 and immediately we started to work on "Putrid Death Sorcery", which is to be released in January 2013.

NecrowretchAre you satisfied with the final outcome?
We are satisfied and excited. It was the first time that we used a professional studio and we had the time to work on our riffs in order to do them perfect. We spent ten days in the studio in order to do all things perfect and this was comfortable for us. It was really amazing and I love the powerful sound and it was a really great experience

How long had you been working on the album?
In order to write the album it took us 18 months.

Before you mentioned that you wanted to sound like Death. I understand that this is your major influence. Which other bands have influenced Necrowretch?
Grotesque is our influence and Merciless from Sweden. From the black metal especially speed black metal we have been influenced by some bands from South America like Sarcofago, Anal Vomit, the early Sepultura. But the major influence to our songs is Death's "Scream Bloody Gore". The other bands contributed a small percentage to our sound.

NecrowretchAll the bands you mentioned are old bands, some of them are favourite bands of mine. On the other hand, you are very young person. What attracts you so much to this old school stuff?
It is the whole feeling. When you are listening to good death metal albums or demos you are not in the real world. It takes you to hell, to the underworld. With Necrowretch we wanted to create the same thing. Sometimes I don’t answer the question if we are death metal or black metal. I just want to create something that makes the listener to be drawn to this world of chaos. For example when you listen to "Left Hand Path" it is like you are going to hell and I would like the same thing with Necrowretch, the same straight to the point music. That is my aim.

Apart from black metal and death metal, do you listen to other metal genres or other kind of music?
Yes of course. Iron Maiden is my favourite band ever, Judas Priest. I like some more doom bands like Candlemass. Speed metal is a sound that makes you to move your head. Besides, I like to other music like AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, maybe Queen. I like those bands, but I don’t listen to them every day. I am more into metal.

NecrowretchI have read in an interview that you don’t consider Necrowretch as an old school band. How do you support that because for me it sounds old school?
I know it is a bit confusing. We use this old school tag to say that we are playing death metal in the vein of Possessed, Death, Mantas. We used it only because in the past decade there were death metal bands which started to play very technical. I don’t like this kind of bands, for me it is not death metal. I don’t understand why we should put this old school tag since we are playing death metal in the way it should be. If you play technical, it is not death metal. Many bands play death metal and they use the same distortion in the guitar. We play death metal in the vein of those old bands, but not exactly like them, because my vocals are much oriented to black metal bands. That’s why I call Necrowretch putrid death metal, to say that we play death metal in a more personal way, something more putrid and maybe more satanic.

NecrowretchApart from old school stuff, do you prefer any new bands, something more experimental, more progressive or this is out of the question for you?
I like some kind of experimental but very few bands like Death which from something very primitive in the years turned to something very technical in "Symbolic" and "Sound Of Perseverance" or with Control Denied. I think this is a very good evolution. There are only a few releases that play good music like what did Jon from Dissection. I believe that Necrowretch will remain in the pits of hell.

Are you going to support "Putrid Death Sorcery" with any concerts?
There no tour plans yet. We hope that we will play various shows around Europe. We are going to play one show in Germany and probably one show in France and in Belgium. We don’t have any plans for touring but Necrowretch are hungry to play lots of shows, maybe even in your hometown.

Have you booked any place for the summer festivals?
We are in touch with some of them but there are so many bands who contact them to book a place and it is hard to book a place. I am sure that finally we will manage to find a place to play.

NecrowretchOk, it is too early for you, since you are a new band. You will have many chances in the future to participate in those festivals. How do you want to see Necrowretch in the future?
I don’t want Necrowretch to be a legend. I want to wait and see and not to provoke the things. I hope in 5 years Necrowretch will release albums and play something even more aggressive than that we do now. I hope that we play shows with a lot of fans like so many other bands

Before we finish would you like to say something to the Greek metalheads?
Keep the flame burning in Greece. I know that you love death metal. I love bands like Rotting Christ, Necromantia. I hope that one day we will come and play in Greece. I know there are lots of black metal and death metal fans in Greece.

We will be expecting you. That’s all. I would like to thank you and i wish you good luck with your debut album.
Thank you Antonis. Cheers.