Mushroomhead interview with Steve 'Skinny' Felton

"The bands don't give a fuck however you put music out. We just want to make music and get it out to the masses, so download was more of an industry problem than a band problem"

12/05/2014 @ 15:29
I consider Mushroomhead survivors. Most people don't even know how to characterize their music style, as they combine quite a lot of diverse elements and of course they use costumes and masks on stage, adding a theatrical aspect to their shows. Twenty years on, with quite a few lineup changes and two losses that made them title the new album "The Righteous And The Butterfly", they seem to be alive and kicking. Skinny (Steve Felton), the drummer and leader of the band was more than kind to answer to all our questions about the past and present endeavors of the band.