Miles Kane interview

"I wanted to be a rocker. And it's taken me longer than I would liked, but everything I've done made me who I am and to be strong"

24/05/2013 @ 12:32
Most of you might know him from the successful project Last Shadow Puppets. Away from Puppets and his good friend Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) Miles Kane despite his age, has a significant career in music industry. had the opportunity to talk with him about the modern British rock scene, the background of his career, his last visit to Greece and of course his new and also second solo record.

Miles KaneHello Miles. How are you doing? What are you up to in the moment?
Hello Alkis. I'm fine. It’s a beautiful day here in sunny London.

Your new album is named "Don't Forget Who You Are". To whom does it refer to and in what way?
It's a little note to myself really. It's a little reminder, never forget your soul, never forget who you are. It's something that I can relate to. Never forget your goal in life and what you want to achieve and don’t let any other bullshit get in the way.

Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You AreSince we can see kind of a revival in your songs, would you like to tell us about the influences of your new work?
There are lots of influences in there. Like T-Rex, Slade and those stomping poppy songs that make you feel really good, even if the lyrics are angry or sad, it's the vibe, the tune that makes you feel good. There are a lot of themes like falling in or out of love, or experiencing new things. I just wanted to be honest in this record. I didn’t want to hide and let the lyrics be direct and mean what it means.

What is your relationship with Arctic Monkey's Alex Turner? Among other things, he helped you with your debut solo album. Was he involved this time?
No, not this time.

Miles KaneSo that was all you. (laugh) Despite your age, you have a significant career in the music industry. In the beginning it was the Little Flames, then the Rascals, the Last Shadow Puppets' massive success, your first record as solo artist and now the second one... It must have been a beautiful journey. When it all started, did you actually believe that you could make it this far?
Well, yeah, I have big dreams, I am a dreamer and I always wanted the next thing. Even when I was 15 I'd come home from school and play music and sing in the mirror. I wanted to be like my influences, like Oasis, you know. I wanted to be a rocker. And it's taken me longer than I would liked, but everything I've done made me who I am and to be strong. It's been a long but cool journey. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

How difficult is it to write a simple yet catchy song? Do you have that in the back of your mind when you are composing a song?
It's always there and something I like to do. I really do like catchy songs. It's just a style I like to write and perform.

And all songs on "Don't Forget Who You Are" are about three minutes. The ideal duration of a hit song.
Exactly. Two and a half - three minutes and make an impact is what I like.

Miles KaneYou're several years in the ranks of what we call the new British indie rock scene. I would like you to tell me how you see young artists that spring from it today. Is there something different in the contemporary British mainstream rock scene compared to the 90s and the 00s?
I think it's always been kids that like modern music and rock and pop. It's like a circle, you always get a bit of a new breed coming through. Kids playing guitar wanting to be rockstars.

So, now I'm going to ask you something you hear often; do you have any plans on a new Last Shadow Puppets album? It's been five years since "The Age Of Understatement".
It's gonna be whenever the time is right really. We want to be sure we'll be good when we do that again. We don’t have anything right now, but we talk about it a lot with Alex (Turner).

Miles KaneWhen you're played on the radio, you've got access in many many people's minds and in their subconscious as well... If you were to pass off solely one message via your music, what would that be?
The message for me is to feel good about yourself and to get confident through the music. That’s what I like to get when listening to music.

Last June you played in Greece along with Kasabian, James and Band Of Skulls... What do you remember from that gig and from your stay here in general? Any stories? Are you planning to come back to Greece?
I remember it was a really good gig and looking forward to coming back. It’s just an idea now, but I want to get my own gig there.

Miles KaneHas the thought of joining The Arctic Monkeys crossed your mind? Under which circumstances would you attempt that?
No, I don’t think I would. Alex is my best friend, but I like what I’m doing and I don’t think that they need me.

And a last question to end the interview. Are you friends with the Gallagher brothers? How influential were Oasis for you? And how do you see their current status? Any inside info on a reunion somewhere in the near future? You've been on the road with Beady Eye. Noel did guest vocals on "Colour Of The Trap".
Massively influential, as they were one of the first bands I really got into. I tried to be like them, sing and play like them, even the look was similar. As far as they enjoy what they are doing, and they seem happy, and enjoy making music, let them get on with it. A reunion? Maybe that will happen some day, sure.

Miles KaneBy the way, do you have any guests on "Don't Forget Who You Are"?
I wrote a couple of songs with Paul Weller (The Jam), like "You're Gonna Get It", which is a really good and direct song but that’s just that. Nothing more.

Ok Miles, it was a pleasure talking to you. I hope you enjoyed it too. Thank you very much for your time.
Thank you too. Goodbye.