Kadavar interview with Christoph Lindemann: "German people have nothing against Greeks. It's your government they blame"

08/06/2012 @ 12:49
Kadavar from Germany is one of the few bands that we have the chance to see live on stage here in Greece, before their appearance at the famous Roadburn Festival in Holland because, mark my words, next year they will be there. A few hours before their concert which took place at Six D.O.G.S on the 22nd of May, Rocking.gr talked with their guitarist/vocalist, Christoph Lindemann, and among other things, we found out that German people do not hate Greeks that much. On the contrary...

Evening sir. I'd really like to congratulate you for your self titled album because it's been quite a while since I last heard such a killer debut and, before I shall become the devil's advocate, please tell us some infos about it.
Well, as you already mentioned, it's the first record that we΄ve done so far. It contains six of our songs that we wrote in the first year of the bands history. It΄s a mixture of heavy 70s rock and psychedelic elements played by three guys, so there's mostly just one guitar, drums, bass and vocals. The tracks was recorded last December by our drummer, who is running his own studio. In order to achieve that special feeling and the sound of old bands we like and listen to, we played together in one room and recorded on tape. By then, we weren't even sure if we would like the results that much. Also, we still weren't signed and had to look for a label that could release it. So we were very glad when we finally found a label for Europe and America.

KadavarYour influences are more than obvious so it's pointless to make a reference, but it seems to me that you have escaped from Scandinavia and go to Berlin. Why the so called 'retro/doom/psych rock' style? Is it because of its recent popularity or you just love these tunes?
We never talked about our style in the band. We just went into the practice room and started jamming. So the songs grow out of these jams. Of course we like what bands from Sweden are doing, but we never even tried to sound and play like them. We are from Germany and we do it the german way. We are way more influenced by german krautrock bands like Epitaph, Second Life, Lucifer’s Friend or the early Scorpions then any other genre or style. We just realized the connection when people came up with names like Graveyard, Witchcraft or Horizont, which is fine with me. I like their music.

Three guys with long hair, beards and whiskers. Wouln't it be easier for you to find a female singer, like it's used to and gain more interest/fans?
We don't do music to become famous or anything like this. And we are no 'retro project'. What you see is what we are. Three guys making music as a pleasure and because of that everyone of us moved to Berlin. To find people we can create and play the music we've got in our minds. It took me nearly five years to find them. That's why this band only works that way. We don't think about what could be more clever to sell more records.

KadavarA trio group is a very tricky situation, but I can clearly hear and enjoy all the instruments and the voice as well. Bass really has its place and sometimes steals the glory from the guitar. Was it meant to be heard like that?
It's way easier to write songs with two guitars especially when the guitarist is also the singer. So I have to find a good balance between the riffs and my vocals. That gives the bass more space to play which I really like. I think Mammut found a good way to use the bass as melody but also as rhythm instrument. He is the missing link between the drums and the guitar.

Your album has been out for a couple of months and the comparisons have already began, mostly with bands from Sweden & Norway. Does it bother you or do you see it as a compliment?
As I said before, I don’t have a problem at all. And of course there is not many german bands playing that sound as we do. I have to accept that people try to find the connection to other bands and genres. There are even some bands I have never heard before.

To be honest with you, Kadavar is only the second band I know from Germany which plays these kind of tunes. The first one is Earth Flight, so please do inform us about the scene in your country and which bands are worth checking out (My Sleeping Karma & Samsara Blues Experiment are NOT included, haha).
I think the german scene works really well that's why all bands wanna tour here. A couple of weeks ago, we played our first little tour with our friends from Aqua Nebula Oscillator from Paris. I just booked it myself cause I know some people and we were surprised how many people showed up every night to see us playing. Even on Tuesday and Wednesday. That was the first time I realized what gift it is to be part of that scene. Of course most of the bands we know and like are based in Berlin like Rotor, Coogans Bluff or Neume. Also the new project of Richard from Samsara called Heat. But there are bands coming up everywhere in Germany right now. I think my favorites at the moment are Orcus Chylde from Aschaffenburg.

KadavarMy favourite track is "Forgotten Past" and the most surprising is "Purple Sage". Do you have a favourite one as well and, are you planning to become more 'spacey' & 'trippy' in the near future?
"Forgotten Past" was the first song we ever wrote and always my favorite and I think the sound of the record is just made for this song. But also "Creature Of The Demon" works really well. With "Purple Sage" we wanted to something different that's why we invited our friend Shazzula Nebula to play theremin on that track. We are big fans of Hawkwind and Gong that's why we wrote that song. If there will be another spacerock song on the next record I don't know, but we'll record a split album with Aqua Nebula Oscillator in July which will be totally different to the stuff you heard on the album. We just go into the studio and see what happens. Definitely more jams and more sounds.

Is it true than one of you guys has a mobile phone without a camera and if so, this defines your way of life?
Yes me. But I think this is only my way. I don't like to be available all the time and deal or manage things wherever is go.

KadavarDespite the fact that many of you in Germany do not like us for the well known economical reasons, we really love bands and artists from your country such as My Sleeping Karma & Samsara Blues Experiment. I know what to expect from us as an audience in your live show, can you tell us what should we expect from you?
Germans don't like you? Haha. I don't think it's against you people than more against what your government is doing right now or haven't done for the last few years. But I think you and me are sitting in the same boat because we just get our image from the news. And when I saw burning german flags and Angela Merkel as Hitler I wasn't really sure for a second if we are still welcome in your country even I know it's bullshit. I guess we are all victims of a big propaganda machine. And only when we are scared we believe in what they want us to believe. But beside from that it will be my second time in Greece and I have only good memories. Especially the food and the lovely people are still in my mind. So we will play our ass off for you guys and hope we'll have a good time.

Are you planning to bring some of your LPs as a merchandise? You should know that many of us prefer them than the digital ones.
We will have all our merch with us. Enough for each and everyone that night, haha.

I really appreciate your time and answers so, please free to end it with your own words.
Thank you very much for the interview. We are really looking forward to play for you guys. See you in a bit.