Bigelf interview with Damon Fox

"Europe never really let go of classic rock, progressive rock and good, solid, psychedelic rock"

26/02/2014 @ 13:13
About 5 years ago, retro rock music was not as popular as it is now with new bands emerging every day and the progressive genre was not as universally accepted as it is today. Yet, “Cheat The Gallows” which fitted under both the retro and the progressive genre managed to make the difference and Bigelf were one of the hottest names among rock fans, supporting bands like Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree. Unfortunately a lot of things happened in between and it took five and a half years for Damon Fox to pick up the pieces and with the help of Mike Portnoy put Bigelf back in the map. “Into The Maelstrom” is their new fine album and the Professor Diablo himself took some time to tell us everything about its creation, its twisted concept and proved what we already knew – that he remains a big fan of this music.