Profanatica interview

"Music has been written for the next Profanatica album, which perhaps will be out in 2014"

20/11/2013 @ 12:03
Profanatica is one of the cult black metal bands of the early 90s. After some years of absence, they returned and they release their third full length album in 2013. Thanks to that, we had the chance to get in touch with John Gelso, one of the founding members of the band. He seemed not to be in the most exciting mood and he provided us mostly some short answers. Let's have a look and see what is going on at Profanatica’s camp.

ProfanaticaYou have a new album after three years. Are you satisfied with "Thy Kingdom Cum"?
Yes, it is exactly how we wanted it to be.

How long do you need to compose an album? How long had you been working on "Thy Kingdom Cum"?
It took six months to write and record the album.

Do you think there are differences between "Thy Kingdom Cum" and the previous albums of Profanatica?
Yes, "Thy Kingdom Cum" has a more aggressive, ripping sound than the previous two.

What reactions do you expect from the fans of the band?
Hopefully, they enjoy it.

Profanatica - Thy Kingdom CumWhy did you split up in 1992?
I left in 1992. I had a lot of shit going on and wasn't in the right mind-set to continue. Paul and Aragon continued with Ixithra, though that only lasted a few months and then it all fell apart.

What do you remember most of those old days? Do you miss anything from that era?
Rehearsing at the studio in Norwalk Connecticut with Paul and Aragon. The studio was in this old house in the middle of the woods. I miss my Aragon, he died way too early.

Profanatica have presented very provocative and extreme covers, song titles etc in the old and current releases. How does that come out and what is the purpose of this sort of actions?
Paul is the mastermind behind the titles and lyrics.

ProfanaticaWhat made you to reunite the band in 2001?
I started writing new music and needed someone to do the vocals. I started talking to Paul again and sent him the tracks. Once he offered to do the vocals, we added a few more songs and this eventualy became “Profanatitas De Domonatia”.

Your music and your records are full of filth and blasphemy since the early days of the band. Is this the aim of Profanatica’s presence in the music industry?
Yes, its Profanatica's presence.

ProfanaticaHow did you perceive black metal back in the early 90s and how nowadays?
Back in the 90s, it was a much smaller scene, you had to know people, read 'zines and trade tapes to find something new. Most record stores didn't even care about black metal. Nowadays, we have a black metal channel in iTunes. It's definitely not as underground as it used to be.

From where do you receive inspiration?
Inspiration comes from too many places to list. All different kinds of music, horror movies, etc.

Profanatica have a cult status among black metal fans. Why do you thing the band has acquired this status?
I don't know. My guess is, it's because we don't sound like other black metal bands.

What do you think black metal fans appreciate most in Profanatica's music?
Paul's voice and the power and aggression of the music.

ProfanaticaDo you follow the extreme metal scene or the black metal in particular? Do you distinguish any bands?
I don't follow it as much as i used to. Black metal bands that stick out for me are Demoncy and Black Witchery.

What are your plans for the future?
Music has been written for the next Profanatica album. Paul is currently working on lyrics/titles. Perhaps new Profanatica album will be out in 2014.

Would you like to say something to the Greek fans of Profanatica?
Thanks to those who support.

Antonis Kondylis