H.E.A.T interview with Erik Grönwall

"It's 2014 and melodic rock still exists. Wake Up!"

07/07/2014 @ 14:00
"Melodic rock is not hip". "Melodic rock belongs to the ‘80s". "Melodic rock is dead". H.E.A.T must read statements like these and laugh. No matter how many bands of the genre deserve them, the Swedes are determined to clear the name of the melodic heavy sound. Being an exceptionally promising act, in 2010 they were in a rough spot, losing their frontman, Kenny Leckremo. But his replacement, Erik Grönwall, despite some people's critique, proved to be more than worthy. His first record behind H.E.A.T's mic found the band in a feverish form, while his second established them this year as the leaders of the modern melodic hard rock scene. Noisefull spoke to Erik Grönwall about H.E.A.T, how he experienced the pressure of replacing Leckremo, if we're ever gonna see him with his band in Greece and many other things.