Deafheaven interview with George Clarke

"I don't care what anyone has to say about our music, but I assure you it comes from a genuine place"

28/05/2014 @ 12:57
A band with an album "bigger" than its name. Yes, you could describe Deafheaven like that, and this because last year's "Sunbather" is able to make the "general public" focus on something extreme and unfamiliar to its ears.

It was the critical acclaim or the interesting mixture of different sounds at the same time with the excellent outcome that helped them to demolish the borders of hard sound? Sold out or just another product of a particular music subculture of our times?

Shortly before their appearance in Greece we had the opportunity to make a number of questions to George Clarke. Obviously overworked from the constant touring or simply with a neutral style didn't left us to understand alot!